Delicious Chocolate Soufflé

This amazing chocolate soufflé is an absolute delight especially during cold, rainy season. We do know that it is currently summer, but in Germany we are facing alternating weather quite frequently. Usually a few hot days are followed by one chilly and rainy day. So this soufflé is the perfect sweet dish, we believe, to survive these changes.

The best part about this recipe is that it is not at all complicated or requires any special tools, whereas soufflés are usually considered to be quite finicky. We are so excited about the souffle, that we think it is actually perfect for any occasion.


The recipe is suited to serve three ramekins. But anyway you can just double the ingredients to include more people in enjoying this truly heavenly indulgence.

We compared quite many recipes and did notice that some made use of bread flour for the soufflé. But our excitement was so high that none of us both were willing to run to the grocery shop to buy bread flour, hence we just used all purpose flour and it worked perfectly.


So lets not waste too many words and get straight to the recipe:

188 g Whole Milk
34 g All purpose flour
34 g Butter
98 g Sugar, granulated
3 Egg Yolks
4 Egg Whites
135 g Dark Chocolate 70%
A pinch of Salt
Equipment: 3 Ramekins
Oven: 190°C
Baking Time: 17 minutes
Preheat the oven to 190°C.
1.Butter the ramekins and add a small amount of sugar into it to coat evenly.
2.Combine flour, butter and salt and mix it with your hands to leave no dry flour.
3.Heat milk and sugar in a small pot and boil on medium heat.
4.Add the butter mixture to the hot milk and whisk until it is creamy.
5.Now cook the creamy mixture on slow heat until it is thick and slightly gummy.
6.Before adding the dark chocolate to the mixture break down the pieces so it melts quicker. (We used 70% Dark Chocolate from Lindt)
7.Now add the chocolate pieces and stir until the chocolate is melted completely.
8.Add the egg yolks to the chocolate base and mix until dissolved.
9.Beat the egg whites until stiff.
10.Add the sugar and keep beating until the meringue is glossy and stiff.
Tip: Use egg whites at room temperature to make sure that the meringue is super stiff. The consistency will be outstanding!
11.Gently fold the meringue into the chocolate base.
12.Now fill the buttered and sugar coated ramekins with the soufflé until the very top.
13.Level off the top with a knife to make sure that the ramekins are filled neat and properly.
14.Place the ramekins on a baking tray and into the preheated oven for exactly 17 minutes. (You can certainly bake the soufflé for longer than 17 minutes but this will result into a springy texture rather than a custardy one)
15.Remove the ramekins from the oven and garnish the soufflés with powdered sugar.
Serve immediately because soufflés taste the best when hot. Enjoy!


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