Traditional Raisin Scones




Hiii People! During our hospitality studies we were obliged to do internships in various hotels all across the globe. For the first one we both ended up together in London and worked there for whole six months. The hotel we worked for was absolutely stunning and a traditional British landmark. Sofia was working at the bar and mixed some marvellous cocktails and I had the great chance to be part of the fine dining restaurant. Luckily we did not only serve, breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also the famous “Afternoon Tea”. I was totally amazed by the variety of pastries we offered for our guests and was even more surprised about the high price they paid for it. Whenever I finished my duty late in the night and went down to the locker room to change, I always passed by the pastry section. I was fortunate enough to witness the night pastry chef preparing the sweet delights for the afternoon tea next day. He was an absolute magician and managed to bake the most wonderful things I have ever come across. Somehow I never dared to ask him for any recipe and till date I do not regret it, because I always thought that I will try to bake some of these wonders by myself and by my own way. Sofia was stunned one day when she had the chance to try some of the cakes. Something that took totally our breath away were the traditional British raisin scones. When we tried those with clotted cream and some jam, heaven was literally on earth. 3 years have passed since we have been to London and a few weeks ago, when on another saturday morning we were searching through books and the internet for some new recipes, we found the unexpected: SCONES.

We had totally forgotten about them, and as soon as we saw the recipe, all memories came back. It did not even take us ten minutes and we were at the next grocery store shopping for the ingredients. Additionally we bought some English Breakfast Tea to make the whole experience worth it.


So this recipe is made for six scones and the preparation time takes about 15 minutes plus the baking time of 13-15 minutes. Scones can be eaten throughout the whole year and are luckily very easy to make.

For the base you need:

200g All purpose flour
3 Tbsp Vanilla Sugar
1 1/5 Tsp Baking Powder
1/5 Tsp Salt
2 Tbsp ground Poppy Seeds
60g cold Butter
140 ml Milk

Apart from that you need:

50g Dried fruit (Raisins, Cranberrys, Cherrys) or 30g fresh fruits such as blueberrys, raspberrys, apricot pieces.
1 Egg Yolk
1 Tbsp Milk
Butter, Clotted Cream and Jam

Baking Time: 13-15 minutes


1. Preheat the oven to 200°C and spread baking paper on a baking tray.
2. Mix in a bowl flour, vanilla sugar, baking powder, salt and poppy seeds with your bare hands.
3. Add the butter in gradually and make sure that small pieces in the size of peas are visible in the mixture.
4. Add the milk and stirr with a large spoon. The batter should have a sticky consistency.
5. Put the batter on floured working surface and knead the dough with you bare hands.
6. Spread the batter on the surface so that it looks like a circle with a thickness of 2cm.
7. Spread the dried or fresh fruits on half of the circle and fold the other on top of it (like a sandwich) do press it down a little so that you have a thickness of 3cm.
8. Now use a cookie cutter with a diameter of 6cm to cut circles out of the dough (before use dip the cutter in flour, do not turn the cutter while cutting to avoid flat scones.
9. Knead the rest of the dough and cut out as many scones as u can (if necessary spread flour to reduce stickiness)
10. Mix the egg yolk and the milk and brush the scones with it gently.
11. Now bake the scones in the middle of the oven for 13-15 mins.

The scones should obtain a gold brown color. After taking them out of the oven make sure they are consumed when warm with butter, jam and clotted cream.

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