Eggless Cake

Good evening! Hope all of you had a great day and are looking forward to an even greater weekend. Well, we certainly are and especially because work has kept us so busy that we hardly get time to enjoy some leisure. So weekend will definately give us a breather and most probably time to do some more baking and try some new recipes.

Eggless cake

It has been a few weeks ago that we had some close family friends over at our place. They stayed for some days and we had a great time together. Our town is Germany is very calm and quiet. We love to be home, especially whenever we return from abroad. You get the time to relax, be with your family and escape the hectic metropolitan life. We have always loved to be home. So when our guests came over, we were wondering how to entertain them and started planning some activities. But who knew that the wonderful lady who visited us was already having something on her mind. She was so excited to see us after such a long time, that we chatted for hours and hours about literally everything that came to our mind. In these conversations we most certainly spoke about food and as she happens to be a splendid cook, the talks became even more interesting. She is quite an expert when it comes to cooking, baking etc. First we were just talking about it, some time later we were exchanging recipes and finally we thought that why do it so complicated? Let’s just try some of these!

So the next day we made some very long lists and went shopping together. Soon the kitchen was our kingdom and we were totally turning it upside down. Sofia and I decided that we will surely share all the things she taught us to make one by one on the blog. Today we want to write about the so called eggless cake. This cake has surely a deep meaning for us, because we are Sikh by religion and this states that our way of live has to be free of meat and egg. Though, in our household no one is a strict Sikh, but we do have many family members, who avoid to consume any type of meat and egg. We knew that one day we would have to bake something for these people and we also knew that all our recipes contain egg, so in order to give them a chance to try our baking we had to learn how to make an eggless cake!

Hence this eggless cake was the perfect sweet delight and we could not wait any longer to make it part of our recipe book. This recipe is dedicated to our Sikh community members and also to those who enjoy the so called vegetarian lifestyle and for those who are just eager as us to try it 😉 Enjoy!


Equipment: Bundt Cake Form
Oven: 180°C
Baking Time: 40-45 minutes


200g Butter (soft)
80g Icing Sugar
400g Milk Maid
400g Milk
3 drops of Vanilla Essence
280g All purpose flour
1 1/2 Tsp. Baking Powder
1 1/2 Tsp. Baking Soda
1 pinch of Salt

-> You have multiple options to style this cake according to your taste. We recommend to mix any type of nuts or dried fruits (chopped almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins, apricot, dried cherries etc.) into the batter or you may just leave it the way it is – simple.

Now let’s get started…..Procedure:

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
2. Beat the butter until smooth consistency.
3. Add the icing sugar gradually and keep mixing.
4. Add one tin (400g) of Milk Maid, the same amount of luke warm milk (make sure the milk is only luke warm and not boiling hot!) and the vanilla essence. -> The batter should be quite liquid now.
5. In a separate bowl mix the flour, salt, baking powder and baking soda and sieve it into the batter.
6. You will notice that the texture of the batter will be sticky and heavy. Finally add the nuts or dried fruits (if required).
7. Now put the empty bundt cake form into the oven to heat it up and take it out after a few minutes to butter it properly and coat it with flour (this will make it easier for you to take the cake out of the form once it is ready)
8. Pour your batter into the form and bake for 40-45 minutes.

Tip: Do check if the cake is ready after 40 minutes with a thin wooden stick, because sometimes it does take longer to bake the cake through. The wooden stick should be free of any liquid batter or stickiness in order for the cake to be ready.

9. After taking the form out of the oven make sure you turn it out onto a rack or cake plate.
10. Depending on your taste you now have the choice to decorate your eggless cake with icing sugar or melted chocolate. YUM!

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