The Indian Sweet – Kalakand


As some of you might already know Sofia and I are Indian by origin. Even though we were born and raised in Germany, luckily our parents flew with us to India at least once a year to make sure we do not forget our roots. These family trips surely kept the Indian traditions in us alive, because in our small town in Germany we were always the only Indian family and there was no possibility for us to know about the our culture, tradition, festivals if we would have only be living there.

We always admired India and everything that it brings with it. This country is so vast in every way possible and I do feel that I can never know enough about the subcontinent my parents are from. So this Sunday India and Indians all over the world are celebrating an indeed very important Hindu festival: Raksha Bandhan. Actually we are Sikhs by religion and actually we do not celebrate this occasion, but there are indeed many Sikhs around the world who join the Hindus in celebrating this very special day. So as we know that this day is highly important for so many Indians we thought to post something super special!


But before we come to the recipe I feel the urge to explain a tiny bit about Raksha Bandhan to all those who have no clue what it is about. On this day brothers and sisters celebrate their love for each other but above that men and women who are related in other ways or do not share any biological relation tend to take part in this celebration as well. The ritual is that a sister ties a so called rakhi (sacred thread) on her brother’s wrist which symbolizes the love and prayer of the sister for her brother and the brother’s lifelong vow to protect her. The procedure ends with feeding each other with sweets.

And this feeding part is the one most interesting for us. I mean anyone can go to the shop and buy sweets and during Indian festivals the sweetshops do make tons of money! But what about making a sweet dish by yourself to make this very special day even more special??


We think the idea is splendid and have a recipe for you totally worth this festival – Kalakand. This sweet is super popular in India and hence a must for you to know! Let’s take full advantage of this beautiful sunny saturday and prepare a sweet dish to show how much Raksha Bandhan really means to us.

We really hope you enjoy our first Indian recipe on Sunday Barfi.


2 Tps. Butter (Ghee)
400g Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese)
400g Milk Main (tin)
400g Milk (full fat)
100g Cream
1 Tsp. Ground Cardamom
4 Tsp. Rose water
100g Chopped Pistachios

Saffron for decoration



1. Take a non stick pan and heat up the Ghee.
2. Now crumble the paneer and add it to the Ghee.
3. Add 400g of Milk Maid and keep stirring on low medium heat until the mixture thickens. It does take time until the mixture is thick, so make sure you stir continuously.
4. Add milk and cream and keep stirring. Again we recommend to stir for some while to end up with a solid mass.
5. Before taking the pan from the stove add the cardamom powder.
6. Spread the mass on a tray and depending on your taste you can decide how thick you want the Kalakand to be. We recommend a thickness of 2-3 cm.


7. Let it cool down and sprinkle the rose water on top of your sweet.
8. Now top the Kalakand with chopped pistachios and let it rest for some while to ensure firm consistency.

Happy Raksha Bandhan and hope you enjoy delicious Kalakand!

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