Oriental Goodies – Powerballs


Since a few days Sofia and I are living apart, because I am doing an internship in Frankfurt. I will be staying there until the end of the year, which means that we as bloggers are obliged to take advantage of advanced technology such as Skype, phone calls and messages to keep posting on the blog. This weekend I took the train home and Sofia had already tons of surprises ready for me, such as new recipes and a sweet dish, she was eagerly waiting from me to get the feedback for. Frankly I was super tired when I got home and all I could possibly think of was my cosy bed, but she dragged me into the kitchen insisting that I try her new creation.

Ok without exaggeration I am officially admitting here that she made a delight totally out of this world!!!!! The original recipe was quite simple and she did add many other ingredients to give the recipe her own touch and give a try to creativity. It is always important to know in these cases how different ingredients complement each other. Sofia is very much familiar with different herbs, spices and all other eatable things that can be found anywhere in the supermarket. Even if I am sometimes not sure about her baking or cooking procedures, everything she gives a hand to usually turns out to be pretty amazing.


So now you could probably guess how excited I must be to share this absolutely great recipe with you. But before we come to the recipe I would like to add that these Powerballs are quite nutritious and on purpose Sofia added NO sugar to enhance the flavours. You might have tried something similar to this from Arabic countries due to the ingredients, but their sweets contain a lot of sugar.

Just give it a try….I am pretty sure that you will be as amazed as I was, when I was enjoying the orient on my tongue. And by the way, we have distributed them among quite a few people and the feedback was indeed very positive. So do not waste time and let’s get started.



60g Walnuts (finely chopped)
50g Almonds (finely chopped)
150g Dates
50g Dried Mixed Berries (depending on your taste you can actually use any kind of berries or dried fruits)
3 Tsp. Cinnamon Powder
1 Pinch of Salt
3 Tbsp. Cardamom Powder
1/2 Tsp. Ginger Powder
2 Drops Vanilla Essence (depending on your taste you can experiment with other essences or spirits such as Amaretto or Marsala, an Italian wine liquor)


For the coating: Ground Almonds


1. Grind the finely chopped almonds and walnuts in a mixer.
2. Follow the same step as above for the dates.
3. Crush the dried berries in a mortar.

4. Mix all the above mentioned ingredients in a bowl and knead it with your hands. This step does take some time as you have to make sure that all the ingredients are properly combined together.
5. Now add the ground cinnamon, salt,  ground cardamom, ground ginger and the vanilla essence. Keep kneading.
6. The mixture should be ready to be formed into small balls with your hands.
7. You can either leave them plain or coat them with ground almonds or ground coconut (how about being very creative and trying melted CHOCOLATE as a coating!?)

-> Note that these Powerballs can be consumed for upto 7 days.

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