OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat a great sunny day….apart from the weather everything went kind of wrong today. My alarm didn’t ring, hence I had to rush to get ready and showered in a jiffy. While my lovely aunty was shouting out that I will miss my tram and need to hurry a little more I was getting even more frustrated upon the fact that breakfast would have to be skipped today. And this is literally a nightmare for me. Everyone is aware of the fact, that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day and should always contain plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits and energy boosters to survive the early hours. If I do not get my breakfast, I feel extremely sick on my stomach an hour later and there is no chance that I can survive with this awful feeling until lunch break. I was sitting in my office, could not concentrate on the tasks given by my manager and had to bear laughter of my colleagues due to the noises my empty stomach was making. All in all a quite bad start for me, because I know how important my breakfast is. I usually have whole grain bread with ham and cheese or jam, along with a glass of orange juice and one fruit. On my way to work I have a banana and once I reach the office I indulge in a cup of hot coffee. My breakfast keeps me full until lunch break and does not leave my sleepy at all. I feel fresh and full of energy.



Since a few days I was thinking to change my breakfast and have something that keeps me equally filled and boosted. I spoke with Sofia about my breakfast and she sent me a very easy recipe for anyone who wants to bring some fresh air to their breakfast routine and on top of that does not have enough time to sit down and enjoy! Moreover this quick recipe is perfect for hot summer days….read further to know why….

This is the recipe for a delicious “Breakfast-to-go”

Quantity: 1 portion

1 1/2 Banana
250ml Almond Milk
4 Tbsp. Oatmeal
2 Tsp. Cinnamon Powder
2 Tsp. Honey
4 Ice cubes


Put all ingredients in a blender until you have a smooth consistency. Enjoy your breakfast drink and stay super active with this sugar free delight.

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