A Breakfast cereal of Swiss origin


We wish all of you a very sunny day and hope that you are enjoying life as much as we do. We took a few months off from the blog and have unfortunately not been posting any new recipes during that time. Sofia was busy enrolling for a one year course of culinary specialization (pastry only!!!) in London and I joined back my hospitality school after completing the compulsory internship. Hence many kilometers are separating us sisters from each other but thanks to modern technology and inventions such as Facetime, Skype and Viber we manage to stay in touch very well.

But certainly distance cannot be an excuse for letting our blog down. So today we are bringing you a delicious muesli recipe for a healthy start of the day and those who need a booster of energy to be productive throughout the rest of their schedule. Muesli is considered to be extremely healthy and it is actually a breakfast cereal that has its origin in Switzerland. It can be compared to some type of granola. So lets skip the


25g Butter
Tbsp. Brown sugar
75ml Maple Syrup
100g Soft Oats
100g Rolled Oats
50g Rice Krispies
25g Sliced almonds
50g Pekan- or Walnuts
1/4 Tsp. Ground cinnamon
1 pinch of salt
75-100g dried fruits (e.g. Cranberries, apples, figs)

Quantity: about 500g

Preparation time: 15 mins

Baking time: 30 mins


1. Preheat the oven to 140°C (circulating air).
2. Roll out baking paper on a deep baking tray.
3. Melt butter and sugar in a small pot, remove it from the stove and add the maple syrup.
4. Mix all the other ingredients in a separate bowl (except for the dried fruits). Add the syrup-butter mixture and stir thoroughly until every ingredient is properly covered with the syrup mixture.
5. Spread the muesli mixture on the baking tray and let it bake in the oven (middle level) for 30 minutes until gold brown. During the baking intermix the muesli with a spatula every 10 minutes. This way the muesli will obtain its golden color.
Attention: do not let it get too dark, otherwise the taste might become bitter.
6. After 30 minutes take out the baking tray and pool all four corners of the baking paper to the middle in order to pick the muesli from the baking tray and let it cool on the countertop.
7. Cut the dried fruits in your desired size and spread them over the cooled muesli. In airtight containers the muesli can be stored upto few weeks.



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