Sofia and Simran Kaur Batth heartly welcome you to their food station Sunday Barfi. Two Indian sisters, living in Germany and passionately studying hospitality management. We have always been equally interested in cooking and baking, but the main lead for the kitchen is Sofia and the photography and writing part is mainly done by Simran. The purpose of this blog was to keep track of all the wonderful things we have been baking and obviously sharing them with you. We used to have all our recipes, copies and notes scattered around in the house and unfortunately ended up loosing some great stuff. Above that we were travelling a lot around the world due to our studies and started cooking everywhere we went, making it even more difficult to keep all recipes in one place. So we hoped that a blog would be the absolute solution to all our problems. No matter which kitchen we overtook, we felt home and our creativity blossomed in the field we adore the most. Now we hope you get plenty of ideas from this source, manage to conjure finger licking food, please people’s palate and receive dozen of compliments. Have fun!

As all images and content are our own work, we appreciate appropriate attribution in case you would want to re-post our work.

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